Clinic Hours :
8.30 AM - 7.30 PM ( SAT TO THU )
04 3799954 (8 LINES)
Hotline : 056 2913634
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Designed to meet the expectation of our service users, JTS Medical Centre offers a vast range of healthcare and diagnostic services. Drawing upon the expertise of our Specialists, Consultant Clinics ensure that patients receive prompt and convenient access to the treatments available:

Treatment room to deal with Primary Care requirements
Internal Medicine
Nutrition Counseling
Diabetes Related Neurological Studies
Vascular Studies
Pulmonary Medicine & Pulmonology Laboratory
Pediatric Clinic
Urology Clinic
Clinical Pathology Laboratory including Microbiology Laboratory
Imaging Centre - Radiology
Allergy and Asthma Clinic
Executive Health Packages
ENT Clinic
Dermatology Clinic
RTA - Drivers Medical Assessment